May 28, 2020 2 min read


How Can A Scooter Assist During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

With the need to watch social distancing, you may be thinking... 

"For what reason do I need a mobility scooter as of now?" 

The response to this is a mobility scooter by its very nature keeps you independent, allowing you to travel alone for significant outings, for example, to the shops or to get fundamental medications when you have to, without depending on others. As such, a mobility scooter might be an imperative lifesaver and make going out a lot more secure than alternative ways.

Research has linked staying inside for too long to impaired health and well-being, higher risk for obesity, diabetes, substance abuse, depression, and other diseases.

Now on the other side,

sunlight aside, a series of experiments from the University of Rochester found spending time outside in green, natural environments can boost your vitality—a feeling of physical and mental energy—by nearly 40%. Spending time indoors has the opposite effect.

“Green nature” in particular—forests and parks, as opposed to beaches or deserts—seems to provide the most benefit, says Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology and first author of the Rochester study. More research has linked time spent in nature to improved mood and mental health, reduced sensations of pain, and milder symptoms of attention-related disorders.

With a mobility scooter, you are free to wander wherever, whenever.  

You will always be able to escape the house to get some sun and a touch of natural air, perhaps even bring your pooch along. 

So the only question left is,

"what scooter is the right one for me?"

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IncredEbike Team
IncredEbike Team

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Barbara Youngblood
Barbara Youngblood

May 03, 2021

Lord I need one bad ,I have lupus and other health issues that stopping me from walking


July 06, 2020

It is a big help for me to have one of this scooter e-wheels that help me get around, but the only problem with this bike I ordered is I couldn’t load it to my car trunk cause first off I have a back issue plus it wouldn’t fit in my trunk. Also I couldn’t afford to exchange it to the one that could be dismantled into 4 or 5 pieces cause I couldn’t afford another $500 or $600 for transportation cost as been told by ur manager!

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