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Learn Why This Is
“The Best Christmas Present EVER”

Christmas 2018 is right around the corner and your probably scanning through pages, articles, & websites to see the best deals & of course the best presents. Now when it comes to small presents for your distant cousin or your colleagues at work I can’t really help you out. But if you’re looking for an incredible gift, for a very special someone (including yourself) then you might want to consider the following..

When thinking of a present for someone you really care for, it gets kind of difficult.

You want something that really matters to them, not something that will sit in the garage and collect dust. So how do we find the best present? Well, just ask yourself these questions..

  • Can they use it daily?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it benefit them?
  • Are they going to show it off to their friends?
  • Does it make them happy?

Now that you have these questions you might think you’re all set, but not so fast. Do you know how hard it is to find a product that answersyesto all those questions? Now a days we are bombarded by many useless products that seem appealing at first but soon enough we find out it wasn’t. So what's the best Christmas present for this 2018? Well, you probably guessed it, yep, it’s an Ebike!

Now let’s get straight to it “Why An E-Bike Is The Best Christmas Present EVER”

Can they use it daily?- Not only can you use your e-bike everyday (as long as it is charged) but you wouldn’t want to use any other sort of transportation unless is needed because of how much you will enjoy riding your e-bike.

Is it easy to use? -E-bikes are just like regular bikes except it has an electric motor and a battery. So it is very easy to get use to since most people already know how to ride a normal bike. And if not, it’s never too late to learn.

Does it benefit them? - Not only does the daily exercise from cycling prevent many harmful things, it will also make you stronger, prevent bone loss, improve balance and coordination, lift your mood, boost your memory, and ease the symptoms of many chronic conditions. So then why not ride your e-bike everyday?

Are they going to show it off to their friends? - There’s no better feeling than hearing someone brag about how awesome their present is to all their friends and family when your the one that gifted it! That makes you feel like you truly made the right choice. The feeling an e-bike brings to you is something you want to share with everyone & want them to experience for themselves. And of course catch their first reactions!

Does it make them happy? - The most important question of them all.. Does it truly make them feel happy inside when using this present? Many of us are unaware but there’s many beautiful bike paths that ride long the busy streets we travel on everyday, except they aren’t busy. They are beautiful trails full of flowers, trees, animals & happiness. There is no better feeling than your hair flowing in the wind, the warm sun shining on your cheeks, and the feeling of being outdoors. Then you feel that electric boost kick in, it almost feels as if someone's gently pushing you from behind as you ride for mile & miles on end. You can’t help but smile. Many riders on normal bikes are over exerting themselves hoping they make it back, if only they knew they can get the exercise they need all while having the assistance they want.

This year let’s do things different, it’s time to change it up. Let’s help ourselves & our loved ones get back out to where we belong. It’s time to enjoy ourselves and the outdoors around us more. Why give our precious time to things like tv, computers, phone, when you can be enjoying the life that’s happening right outside our door steps, while creating unforgettable memories. Go out there and enjoy this beautiful world.

Merry Christmas

By: Arialys V.

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IncredEbike Team
IncredEbike Team

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karen fecht
karen fecht

May 01, 2019

if I do the payment plan, when do I get the scooter?

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