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Finding The Perfect Electric Mobility Scooter Guidebook



 A guide to choosing the mobility scooter that is right for you!

Scooters have changed millions of people's lives with disabilities and health difficulties. They allow people who might not have previously been able to travel far without assistance, to unlock a new level of independence. They also help combat the social isolation and health implications of living with a disability. It becomes a lot easier to partake in trips and daily activities!

Does a trip to the shops or to meet a friend for coffee require a high-level of planning? Well, now you can just jump onto your scooter and off you go! There are a couple of things to examine if you're considering a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one. We go over the questions to ask before deciding on a scooter. We also outline the kinds of mobility scooters and the features to help you find the right scooter.


What Is A Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters are designed for people who are mobile enough to operate a small vehicle, but who find it difficult to walk long distances because of disability or a health issue. Mobility scooters have become a common sight, and a mobility aid in shopping centers and on pavements as their design and battery life has improved.

There's a wide range of scooters available, from smaller versions that can fit in the boot of your car, through to heavy-duty mobility scooters that have the ability to navigate steep hills and travel distances of up to 30miles+ on a single charge.

Is a Mobility Scooter Best for You?

There are various reasons why someone would choose to use a mobility scooter. A mobility scooter can help to replace a motor vehicle for men and women who are having trouble driving. This can be a particular issue when it comes to road safety. While you still need a degree of confidence and ability to run a mobility scooter, the ease of use and reduced rates present less hazard to the user and others than in a car. A scooter can also be used in conjunction with other forms of transportation. The folding or disassemble mobility scooters, by way of example, will fit in the boot of a car and can be carried out for use around a shopping center or for short trips where using a car may not make sense. Scooters can also provide temporary assistance to someone recovering from an injury or operation. This allows them to continue to maintain their independence while not exhausting themselves out.


What to consider

The most crucial issue to consider when choosing a mobility scooter, or any assistance aid is whether the user has the confidence and ability to operate it as intended. While a mobility scooter allows anybody to get around without too much physical exertion, they do need to have the ability to get on and off the scooter without assistance and be able to run it in a way that's safe for them and other pedestrians and road users. As an extra precautionary step, it is good to chat with your doctor about your capacity to use a scooter. They will have the ability to help you understand the physical needs and discuss how you can make the most of it as you go about your day. To do the things you intend on doing with your mobility scooter, by way of instance, heading to the shops or visiting family, you will need to be able to run it safely.

This includes being able to:

  • Operate the hand controllers and turn left and right Turn your head to search for pedestrians and traffic
  • Have an adequate vision and hearing to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be able to react quickly and confidently in uncertain circumstances.
  • Be able to concentrate for the duration of your trip. Be able to balance when traveling on a slope or uneven ground.
  • You'll also need to have the ability to get on and off the scooter without help, and walk short distances unaided or using a walking aid.

If you're looking for a folding mobility scooter or a little scooter that dismantles, also think about whether you will have the ability to lift it into a car or if you'll require assistance (and if they will have the ability to lift it). Our "IncredEwheels Easy" breaks down into 4 main pieces, with the heaviest piece being 25-30 lbs. This makes it EASY to bring along with you everywhere!

What Type Of Scooter Do You Require?

The assortment of mobility scooters available now makes it easier to find a model that suits your needs, requirements, and budget. Of course, the wide selection may make it a little harder to figure out what's perfect for you. An important question to think about prior to going and selecting a scooter is exactly what you need it for? Do you desire a small scooter to help you get around indoors at home or in the shopping center? Or do you want something to help you get down to the shops and around to your friend's house?

Alternatively, do you need something more robust to take the place of a car for trips to appointments and locations further away from your suburb? Also, consider where you live and the terrain. While a small scooter can navigate smooth, horizontal pathways effortlessly, if you live in a scenic area or someplace with uneven ground, you will need something with a bit more power to prevent being left stranded. It is also important to assess your own physical attributes. Smaller scooters will have a smaller chair and footbed. If you're tall or have a large frame, you will likely need something a bit bigger to accommodate you.


Scooter Models 

Now you've considered the sort of trips you'll be taking with your mobility scooter, as well as where you live and what size you'll need, let's take a look at the models available.


Small Mobility

[Scooters Range: up to 10miles]

Offering maneuverability and convenience, a small scooter is ideal if you would like something to get around on indoors and will need to be able to fit it in the back of your vehicle They have a smaller turning circle, which comes in handy, navigating around a crowded shopping center. Most of the models at this dimension fold-down or can easily be dismantled so you can put them in the car. 

They can also be simpler to take on holidays as checked baggage. Of course, smaller size means smaller battery and less range per charge -- only up to 10miles. And the small wheels can make these less steady on uneven ground, and they can lack the energy needed to get up steep hills. Features you may find in these models easy to disassemble for transport small size for maneuvering through crowded regions Standard suspension for a smooth ride removable battery for travelLED front and rear lights for visibility front basket for shopping.


Mid-size Mobility

[Scooters Range: 15miles]

Medium scooters provide you with the ease of use of a more compact scooter with the extra power to tackle tiny inclines and outdoor terrain. This is perfect if you plan to earn a good deal of excursions locally, like to the shops or a friend's house nearby. Medium-sized scooters might also be the best choice if you intend to use it on public transport.

While restrictions vary, you will typically be able to take your Electric scooter on any public transport that's also wheelchair accessible. Features you may find in these models puncture-proof, knobbly tires for extra traction outdoors led front headlight, taillight, and indicators for visibility front basket for standard shopping suspension for a comfortable ride padded seat including armrest.

Heavy Duty Mobility

[Scooters Range: 30miles+]

Heavy-duty scooters are better suited to deal with difficult terrain and long distances. You'll find a smoother ride as a result of suspension and the pneumatic rubber wheels. Models in this range tend to have seats, such as padded armrests and headrests. Features you may find in these model pneumatic tires for a smoother ride over uneven terrainDeluxe padded seat The hydraulic system for control complete lighting system including curb light, LED headlight, taillights, and indicators Large front basket for shopping ability to add additional accessories and storage. Some also include cool features like Bluetooth speakers & alarm system.


Using Your Scooter

When you get your scooter, We suggest first operating your scooter someplace flat and free of traffic and obstacles to get a feel for the controls. Practice stopping, starting, turning, and moving up and down curbs. Make sure you understand so you are comfortable getting on and off without help, and how to operate the controls, adjust your position. You want to make certain you'll have the ability to use it for many years to come as soon as you've got your scooter. Consider where you are going to store it when it is not being used.

If it's small, you may have the ability to keep it inside or even in your car. Larger mobility scooters may be kept in a garage or carport. Wherever you park it, ensure you have handy access so you can charge your scooter between uses. It's recommended to have insurance to protect you from damage or theft. Check to see if your current home and contents insurance covers your mobility scooter. You can obtain mobility scooter insurance that is separate from various providers

Ensure that your warranty covers components, and electrical. Your scooter can be serviced annually as a precaution although it is not necessary. Charging your mobility scooter You should ensure that the batteries are fully charged before every outing to get the most out of your mobility scooter. Connect the charger and then plug the cord.

The LED light signals that the scooter is charging. When the scooter's battery is fully charged, the light will change to green. Disconnect the charger from the charging port and then from the power socket once the green light appears. The approximate charging time for the scooter battery is 6-10 hours. We suggest charging your scooter overnight to make sure the next day, it's ready for you to take out.

Staying safe

Check your battery is fully charged before you head out on any trip, and everything is secured. Like any car, you should not use your scooter if you are feeling tired, unwell, or have been drinking. You'll want to be seen by traffic and other pedestrians if you are traveling outside. If your mobility scooter has been fitted with them, use your lights. It is also possible to put in an orange safety flag. Make sure you don't overload your mobility scooter with accessories or luggage and doesn't obstruct your view or capacity to use the controls. Finally, plan your route and know where you're going.

Avoid busy streets and pavements, if you can and attempt to cross the road at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. If anything were to happen & you purchased a scooter from us, you would simply contact our 24/7 support team of service professionals and we will locate the closest service professional in your area. 

Getting Around

Ticket to ride? Mobility scooters are designed to travel on the footpath, and anywhere else, pedestrians can go. They're not considered a motor vehicle, and they can not travel on the road, except when crossing or where there isn't any footpath. Ordinarily, as they are not considered a vehicle, you won't have to register your scooter. The exception to this is Queensland, where if you would like to use it outside, you'll have to register your scooter with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Registration includes third party insurance and is totally free. It is recommended you check the regulations in your state before you buy a scooter as they may have changed. Make sure you're aware of the road rules for pedestrians and that you know where you can and can not take your scooter. Take extra care when traveling through areas like shopping centers, and when crossing roads when there are no traffic lights or zebra crossing. Mobility scooters and transportation as general rule scooters treated like wheelchairs and other assistive aids and are allowed on public transport.

It is essential you plan your trip before you set out so you can be confident you'll have the ability to get on and off at your destination. Allow extra time to get there. When traveling by train, be sure and position yourself where the carriage will stop you're visible to the motorist. They will reduce a ramp for you to get on, then ask to so they can enable you to disembark which station you're traveling. Check your route to see if it provides any accessible services if traveling by tram or bus. Sometimes an available service will be added by the operator, so it doesn't hurt to check -- if you request it in advance. Where you're visible, wait at the tram or bus stop.

The driver will expand a ramp that will help you get from the curb on the tram or the bus. They will extend the ramp for you when it is time to disembark. While restrictions vary between transport and nations, generally, all aids, including wheelchairs and scooters, should: Fit within a distance of 1300mm (length) by 800mm (width)Be no longer than 750mm Have a height of 1500mm if you've added any accessories such as a canopy or flag. Though your mobility scooter will normally fit within these guidelines, you may exceed it.


Which Scooters We recommend

 Small Mobility: 

IncredEwheels Easy 

Medium Mobility: 

IncredEwheels Plus

Large Mobility:

IncredEwheels Elite



To view all our scooters please click the Link Below:




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