IncredeBike Oxygen Tank Holder

The IncredeBike Oxygen Tank Holder is a durable, high quality holder that attaches to the back of a wheelchair or scooter. This seat back bag provides a very safe way for wheelchair and scooter users to carry E size oxygen tanks and smaller size oxygen tanks.

The IncredeBike Oxygen Tank Holder is available for scooter style seats without push handles, the holder has a harness style mounting system. The holder is constructed of water-resistant fabric and is designed to securely hold an E size oxygen cylinder on the back of a wheelchair, power wheelchair, or scooter.


IncredeBike Oxygen Tank Holder Specifications:

  • Holds: E Size Oxygen tanks and smaller size tanks.
  • Material: High quality water-resistant fabric with durable nylon straps.
  • Made in: USA.

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