IncredeBike Speedy

The IncredeBike Speedy is the fastest, Indoor/Outdoor, folding, portable, scooter on the market today. Though small and lightweight, this scooter is powerful and able to reach top speeds of 11 mph, can travel 30 miles on a single charge and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Equipped with electric assist brakes, oversize front and rear tires, a front basket and extra rear storage space, the IncredeBike Speedy can be operated on a number of different surfaces.  With a turning radius of 33 degrees and a total scooter weight of just 65 lbs. This is a functional, fast scooter!


Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs

Speed: Up to 11 mph

Distance: 30 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight, road surface, etc.)

Front Seat: Type Folding/Collapsible Chair with Backrest

Front seat: Size 13 ½ “x 12 ½ “x 14”

Front Seat: 21 ½ “

Safe Gradient: 12°

Turning Radius: 33”

Steering Height: 30” from Ground

Power: Electric

Watts: 450 Watt

Motor Type: Rear Wheel Hub Motor

Amps: 12 AH

Volts: 48 Volts

Dimensions: 37” x 22” x 33”

Folded: 38” x 23” 22”

Floor Clearance: 3”

Front Basket: 8” x 8” x 10”

Batteries: Lithium-Ion Battery 78 Cell with BMS

Forward/Reverse switch: Yes

Front tire size: 7” tire type: 200 x 50

Rear tire size: 10” tire type: 10 x 2.125

Charger: 48-volt Smart Charger included

Throttle Type: Variable Twist Throttle

Key Start: Yes

Braking System: Rear Drum Brakes

Drive System: 450 Watt Rear Hub Motor


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