IncredE-wheels Cruise

Features include a maximum Speed of 5mph, a 300 lb. capacity, a range of 14.5 miles (18AH), wireless design for trouble free dismantling, an on board battery charger, and delta handlebar.

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Range: 15 miles

Front LED Light

Overall Length 40 “

Overall Width 20”

Overall Height 34”

Wheels: Front 8” Rear 8”

Easy Remove, Quick Connect Battery Pack

Weight w/ Batteries 93 lbs

Disassembles Into 5 Pieces: Heaviest Piece 30 lbs

Weight Capacity 300 lbs

Ground Clearance 1.6”

Grade Climbable 8 degree

Turning Radius 44 “

Brake Electromagnetic

Seat Type Swivel Padded Fordable

Seat Width17”

Motor Size 200 W

Battery Size Powerful 18AH

Battery Weight 20lbs

Electronics On/Off Key Switch, Battery Indicator, Speed Control Knob

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