IncredEwheels Electric Trike

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"Etrike" Highlights!

Go Far
20+ Miles Per Charge

Go Fast
15+ MPH Top Speed

Crush Hills
Powerful 500w Motor Climbs Effortlessly

Cruise Any Terrain
Pavement, Dirt, Grass, Gravel And Everything In Between. Watch This Bike Bring You Places

Superior Comfort
 Designed And Rated For All Day Riding Comfort Featuring An Upright Riding Position With Back Rest Oversized Comfy Seat

Powered Reverse
Need To Backup? No Problem Just Throw It In Reverse And Get Yourself Out Of Any Situation

Key Ignition
Key Ignition To Start  

Integrated Front Powerful LED
Never Miss A Sunset Knowing Your Powerful LED Light Can Guide You Home Safely

Clean Look
We Made Sure To Wrap All Wires For An Extremely Clean Look

Front Suspension
High Performance Front Shocks So You Feel Like Your Riding On A Cloud

Powerful Brakes
Feel Confident When Downhill Riding Knowing You Can Stop On A Dime With Heavy Duty Brakes

Integrated Traffic Horn
Regardless If Your On The Road, Or The Path, Be Able To Safely Notify Others Your Coming Through

Quality Grips
Strong Comfortable Grips To Hold On To

 Safety Power Switch 
Easily And Safely Power Off Your Electric Motor 

Twist Grip Throttle
Don't Want To Pedal? No Problem Just Twist Your Wrist A Little, Or A Lot And Feel The Motor Come Alive

 Wide Comfort Seat
Rated Up To 400 LBS, This Ergonomic Seat Is Wide And Comfortable With A Large Backrest 

Easily Adjust Your Seat Height So Its Perfect For You

Guided Chain Sprocket
Never Have To Hassle With The Chain Falling Off With The Guided Sprocket To Keep The Chain In Place

Wide Pedals
Easily Pedal And Exercise Without Ever Missing A Stroke

Assembled 100% In The USA! 
Delivered To Your Door Ready To Ride!
Our Dedicated Team Of Electric Experts Assembles Your Electric Trike Ride Ready. Our Large, 80,000 sqft Warehouse Located In Phoenix Arizona Is Where Every Electric Trike Is Assembled And Carefully Inspected For Ultimate Reliability And Safety Before Being Boxed And Sent To You!

Trust Us To Get The Job Done!
"Made for fun and versatility we rank #1 when it comes to bang for your buck."
"We bring pure fun and adventure back into your life. Some call it priceless, we call it IncredEbike."

Best Customer Service
  •  Live Support: Our team of ebike experts are available via call, email, or chat 24/7
  • Ride Together: Join our ever growing community of incredEriders and participate in ebike rides and events! Join the Ebike revolution  
  • Ongoing Support: Regardless what it is, our ebike experts are ready to walk you step by step through the problem 

Based In Denver Colorado
  • Feel Comfortable: Rated #1 in customer satisfaction, know your in good hands with us
  • Experience: As a team of bicyclist enthusiast, we are passionate to share our experiences and knowledge with you to ensure the you feel 100% secure with your new bike
  • Colorado Proofed: We ensure to test all our models thoroughly in the multitude of terrains we have just outside our doors

Incredibly Confident
  •  Durable: Our bikes are designed and rated for the toughest conditions. Know you you will be riding for years to come
  • Quality: We partner with premium factories for the highest quality components and upgrades
  •  Comfort: HUGE oversized seat with backrest, high handlebars, and upright riding position will make you want to ride for hours

Direct From Factory
We are a consumer direct business, meaning we intentionally forgo the traditional bicycle distribution channel of third-party dealers and retailers. This enables us to provide you premium ebikes for almost half the cost of comparable ebikes you can purchase from a traditional bike shop
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Order Today Because We Guarantee Satisfaction, Or Your Money Back! 
Enjoy your Electric Trike up to 14 days and if you are not 100% satisfied just return the Electric Trike, pay the shipping and handling and we will refund you quickly without headaches or delay. We lead the industry with our hassle free return policy because we understand there is nothing more important then knowing you are getting your money back quickly and easily from a company that cares and ensures you are sincerely satisfied. Please see our Terms Of Service for full return details. Our 24/7 live USA customer support team is here to provide clear and simple instructions and assistance with the return process and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied.

If you are looking for an electric trike that is both affordable and stylish, look no further
than the IncredEwheels Electric Trike! It’s the best value, it's featured packed and without a doubt the most wanted electric trike on the market today! 

This premium electric trike easily reaches speeds up to 15 mph and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. It has a ultra low step-thru steel frame for easy seating, a large front storage basket and an even larger rear storage basket that is perfect for groceries, running errands or for taking along your favorite pet with you for a spin. Features also include a powerful LED front electric light, parking brake, loud electric horn, electric battery indicator, powered reverse switch and oversized seat with backrest.
Backed by our best-in-class warranty and service terms, the IncredEwheels is manufactured with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship that we are known for. Assembled 100% In the USA, this Electric Trike meets our safety criteria, and goes through our rigorous inspection and quality control process for safety, durability, quality and handling. What’s more, every finish is lovingly crafted for the greatest 
visual appeal. If it doesn’t turn heads, it’s not ours! 

Order Now and Receive FREE Fast Shipping!

 Delivered 100% Assembled To Your Door!
$98/m (select, pay it over time for 'payment method' during checkout)

  •  MOTOR: 48V/500w Direct-drive hub motor 
  •  FRAME: Steel Alloy
  •  REVERSE: Powered Reverse 
  •  BATTERY RANGE: 20 Miles
  •  BATTERY CHARGING TIME: 4 - 6 hours
  •  BATTERY TYPE: (4) 12 volt 12 amp hour SLA 
  •  TROTTLE: Grip Throttle (power at your hand is always available)
  •  HEADLIGHT: Front LED Headlight
  •  REAR RACK: Over sized Rear Basket INCLUDED
  •  Front Fender: INCLUDED
  •  Rear Fenders: INCLUDED
  •  FRONT RIM: 22 inch Black Alloy
  •  REAR RIMS: 20 Inch Black Alloy
  •  SPOKES: Stainless Steel
  •  TIRES: 22” x 1.95” Rear tire size: 20” x 1.95”
  •  SPROCKET: 48T chain-wheel crank
  •  BRAKES: Heavy Duty V Brake, Heavy Duty Drum Break
  •  HANDLEBAR: Adjustable Stem for Comfort -
  •  SADDLE: Comfort Saddle with back rest 
  •  PEDALS: HIgh Quality Nylon Pedals
  •  Assembled 100% In The USA

Frequently Asked Questions
 Does this Trike come assembled?
This bike comes 100% assembled to your front door!
 Where is the Trike assembled?
This Trike is assembled 100% in the USA. We also perform a safety quality inspection before shipping your trike so its 100% ready to go. 
 Does IncredEbike offer live support?
Yes we do! Feel comfortable knowing we are available 24/7 for every question and concern.
 Is there a max weight on this bike?
Yes, 400 LBS.
 How much does the trike weigh?
 Trike Weight: 128 lbs 
 How long is shipping?
Due to Covid-19, Please allow 6-14 business days for freight shipping to your curb. This item is shipped 100% assembled from Phoenix Arizona
 Whats the max speed?
15 MPH
 Whats the range per charge?
20 miles
 Whats the recommended rider height?
Recommended rider height is 4'8- 6'2 tall
 Do I need to be pedaling to use the electric motor?
Your electric motor is available 100% of the time by simple twisting the grip throttle regardless if your pedaling or not. So pedal a little, or a lot, or don't pedal at all! That's what makes this trike so great, you decide how you want to ride.
 Does this trike come with a reverse?
Yes it does, you can switch your electric power to reverse and use the throttle to reverse from any situation
 Any warranty included?
Yes, this bike comes with a 1 year limited warranty on electrical and 3 year basic warranty on frame and basic components
 Does this trike come with the front and rear basket?
Yes, both baskets are included.
 Is this trike safe for older riders?
This model was designed for our older riders. Extremely low step through makes getting on and off a breeze. Upright riding position with rear support, adjustable handlebar height and saddle height, and three wheels so you never need to worry about balancing. Also Powered Reverse!
 Are the controls complicated?
No, the controls are very simple to use and we have live support available for any questions.
 How tall is the actual step through?
The step through on this model is 15 inches high

$98/m (select, pay it over time for 'payment method' during checkout)

 24/7 USA Support: 

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