CartSafe Shopping Cart Liners (10 Pack)

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Includes 10 CartSafe Liners!
 Retail: $59.95
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Introducing Cart Safe!


Universal Design 
Be Able To Visit Any Store And Use Any Shopping Cart And Be Worry Free In Seconds So You Can Enjoy Your Shopping Experience

Fast And Easy
This Shopping Cart Liner Is Easily Placed On In Seconds, Giving You More Time To Shop

Completely Covered 
Anywhere You Would Normally Touch On Your Shopping Cart Is 100% Covered And Germ Free

Not Only For Groceries
This Shopping Cart Liner is Great For Clothes, Electronics, Toys, And Much More So You Do Not Need To Worry About All The Germs And Bactria's Anywhere You Go

Shipped In The USA
Your Cart Safe Will Be Shipped From Our 80,000 sqft Distribution Center Located In Phoenix Arizona Where Every Package Is Carefully Disinfected For Ultimate Safety Before Being Sent To You!

Trust Us To Get The Job Done!
"Made By A Mom That Cares" 
If necessity is the mother of invention, sometimes it takes a mom to fulfill a BIG need by creating a simple solution.

Cart Safe was created by Andi Barness-Rubin, a working mother of 3 boys who was frustrated with the thought of going to the grocery store and trying to keep germs off of herself and her food.
Before the Coronavirus Pandemic Andi would always wipe the handles of the shopping cart with a store-provided wipe (when they were even available), but once COVID-19 began to spread, she really starting thinking about all of the germs that were not only on the handle, but also all over the inside and outside of the cart.
Frustrated by having to wipe down her entire cart, she came up with an idea that she knew would simplify her ability to keep herself and her family safe. With this idea in mind, Andi, with the support of her husband, worked as fast as possible to create and produce Cart Safe, the first-ever disposable shopping cart liner.
Cart Safe is recyclable, made from durable LDPE (low-density polyethylene which is considered a #4 plastic).
With Cart Safe, in addition to being able to do your shopping with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family, you will also feel good knowing that the product can be recycled by simply placing it in the collection bins that most large grocery stores provide to customers wishing to recycle their Safe Cart and plastic grocery bags

This product's revolutionary design creates a protective barrier between the shopper and the cart by covering the outside of the cart, the inside of the cart, the handle, and even the child seat area. Its patented design allows the liner to be put on and removed easily...and it's recyclable, so consumers can feel good about protecting their family and the environment. 
Cart Safe liners add that extra layer of protection to provide consumers peace of mind every time they shop.

Order Now And Get FREE Fast Shipping!
 Includes 10 CartSafe Liners!
 Retail: $59.95
Save: $10!

Frequently Asked Questions
 How do I recycle my bag? 
Our Cart Safe bags are made up of a LDPE ( low-density polyethylene, which is considered a #4 plastic). Most large grocery stores have collection bins which are available to collect and recycle cart safe bags and grocery bags.
 What happens to my Cart Safe bag once it’s recycled?
Plastic bag recycling involves chipping the bags into pellets. Once the bag is turned into a pellet, it can then be processed into new bags and will most likely be sent to a company that will manufacture it into plastic lumber.
 How do I know if this bag will fit my cart?
With its specially designed elastic corners, our Cart Safe bags contour to the shape of most carts. We have yet to find a cart that Cart Safe did not fit.
 How many liners are in a pack?
10 liners are included in a pack
 Does the shopping cart come included?
No, it does not
 Is it baby safe?
Yes each shopping cart liner has the leg passage for a baby or small child 
 Can I wash my bag and use it again?
If you would like to get more then one use out of your bag, we recommend hand washing your bag in warm soapy water and then line dry. You can also disinfect your bag with an antibacterial wipe if you do not have time to hand wash your bag.
 How do I know it's safe?
Plastics made from LDPE in their natural state are FDA compliant with regard to repelling microorganisms.
 Product Warranty
Warranty is good for 30 days from date of purchase and only valid for defective materials or if the package arrives damaged. For the warranty to be honored, you must present proof of purchase. If the package arrived damaged, you must submit a photo and document the damage in writing.

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