'IncredEwheels Easy Plus'

The 'IncredEwheels Easy Plus' is a lightweight, powerful scooter boasting the most powerful 22AH batteries on the market. Capable of speeds up to 5 mph, an extended travel range of 16 miles. 

The 'IncredEwheels Easy Plus' scooter is great indoors or outdoors, fitted with flat-free tires that enable the scooter to be used on many types of surfaces. Equipped with an upgraded padded executive seat and rear suspension the 'IncredEwheels Easy Plus' provides ultimate comfort. This travel-friendly scooter is easily disassembled in just seconds. The 'IncredEwheels Easy Plus' sleek scooter design along with the state of the art built-in LED front light makes this scooter a real head turner!


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Regain Your Mobility Like The Good Ol' Days
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'IncredEwheels Easy Plus' Highlights!

Go Far
16 miles per charge

Go Fast
5 MPH Top Speed

Crush Hills
Powerful Rear Hub Motor Climbs Effortlessly

Cruise Your Terrain
Pavement, Malls, Grocery Stores, Gravel And Everything In Between. Watch This Scooter Bring You Places

Superior Comfort
 Designed And Rated For All Day Riding Comfort Featuring A 350LBS Weight Limit, Comfortable Riding Position With Back Rest Over sized Comfy Seat & Foldable Arm Rest

Powered Reverse
Need To Backup? No Problem Just Press The Reverse Lever And Get Yourself Out Of Any Situation

Key Ignition
Key Ignition To Start  

FDA Certified Travel Friendly
Ride Right To The Terminal Gate For Your Next Flight! Going On A Cruise? Don't Forget Your Scooter. Allowed Everywhere, Travel With Confidence

Guaranteed To Turn Heads 
 Why Ride Around In A Boring, Dull Scooter When You Can Ride Around In Style! Premium Red High Gloss Paint, Elegant Yet Aggressive Lines, This Scooter Is Guaranteed To Turn Heads 

Smooth Ride
Feel Like Your On A Cloud With The Natural Suspension From All Four Puncture Proof Rubber Tires So You Never Need To Worry About A Flat Again!

Powerful Brakes
Feel Confident When Downhill Riding Knowing You Can Stop On A Dime With Heavy Duty Brakes

Integrated Rear Light 
Regardless If Your On The Road, Or The Path, Be Able To Safely Be Seen At Night With The Help Of The Integrated Rear Light

Easily Detatchable Battery
Easily Remove The Battery From The Scooter For Easy Charging! Or, Leave It On The Scooter To Charge As Well

Powerful LED Lights 
With Powerful LED Lights, Be Able To Safely See Where You Are Going Regardless The Time Of Day Or Night

Easily Removable Basket With Handle
With Just A Press Of A Lever, Remove The Basket Easily For Groceries, Your Friendly Pet And Or Much More!

Easily Transportable
Ditch The Scooter Carrier And Save Thousands!
The 'Easy' Disassembles Into 3 Main Pieces In Seconds With Just 4 Easy Steps, Making Transporting It From One Destination To Another A Breeze. Fits Easily In A Small Trunk Or Even The Back Seats!

Intuitive Design 
Like Magic, Your Scooter Becomes 3
Easy To Lift And Easy To Store Pieces Under 28lbs Each Making This The Most Intuitive Scooter On The Market Today

Assembled 100% In The USA
Our Dedicated Team Of Mobility Experts Assembles Your Scooter Ride Ready. Our Large, 80,000 sqft Warehouse Located In Phoenix Arizona Is Where Every Scooter Is Assembled And Carefully Inspected For Ultimate Reliability And Safety Before Being Boxed And Sent To You!

Trust Us To Get The Job Done!
"Made for fun and versatility we rank #1 when it comes to bang for your buck."
"We bring pure fun and adventure back into your life. Some call it priceless, we call it IncredEbike."

Best Customer Service
  •  Live Support: Our team of electric mobility experts are available via call, email, or chat 24/7
  • Our Community: Join our ever growing community of incredEriders and ambassador programs and get paid to refer to friends and family
  • Ongoing Support: Regardless what it is, our mobility experts are ready to walk you step by step through the problem 

Based In Denver Colorado
  • Feel Comfortable: Rated #1 in customer satisfaction, know your in good hands with us
  • Experience: As a team of electric mobility enthusiast, we are passionate to share our experiences and knowledge with you to ensure the you feel 100% secure with your new scooter
  • Weather Proof: We ensure to test all our models thoroughly in the multitude of terrains we have just outside our doors. 

Incredibly Confident
  •  Durable: Our scooters are designed and rated for the toughest conditions. Know you you will be riding for years to come
  • Quality: We partner with premium factories for the highest quality components and upgrades included at no extra cost!
  •  Comfort: When designing this scooter, our number one priority was comfort. Everywhere the body touches you will find premium, comfortable components that will keep you riding for hours!

Direct From Factory
We are a consumer direct business, meaning we intentionally forgo the traditional mobility scooter distribution channel of third-party dealers and retailers. This enables us to provide you premium scooters for almost half the cost of comparable scooters you can purchase from a traditional mobility scooter shop.

Don't Worry!
We Guarantee Satisfaction, Or Your Money Back! 
Enjoy your scooter up to 14 days and if you are not 100% satisfied just return the scooter, pay for shipping and handling and we will refund you quickly without headaches or delay. We lead the industry with our hassle free return policy because we understand there is nothing more important then knowing you are getting your money back quickly and easily from a company that cares and ensures you are sincerely satisfied. Our 24/7 live customer support team is here to provide clear and simple instructions and assistance with the return process and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied. 

If you are looking for a mobility scooter that is both affordable and stylish, look no further
than the IncredEwheels Easy Plus! It’s the best value, longest-range and lightest-weight four-wheel travel scooter on the market today! 

The Easy Plus can be mounted on a carrier for easy transport, or disassembled and stored in the back of vehicle or trunk. It disassembles in seconds with just 4 easy steps, making transporting it from one destination to another a breeze! Like magic, your scooter becomes 3 main easy to carry pieces! 
For easy charging and to get you on the go fast, the battery can be charged on or off the
scooter. The IncredEwheels Easy Plus design, stability and reliability makes this scooter an excellent choice when looking to purchase a portable four wheel scooter! 
Backed by our best-in-class warranty and service terms, the Easy Plus is manufactured with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship that we are known for. This mobility scooter meets FDA & FAA criteria, and goes through our rigorous inspection and quality control process for safety, 
durability, quality and handling. What’s more, every finish is lovingly crafted for the greatest
visual appeal. If it doesn’t turn heads, it’s not ours! 

Order Now And Get FREE Fast Shipping!
 Delivered Assembled, Ready To Ride!
$88/m Select, Affirm Monthly Payments for 'Payment Method' part of checkout
  •  Speed dial control 
  •  Adjustable tiller 
  •  Height adjustable swivel seat 
  •  Bright front headlight 
  •  Bright rear hazard lights 
  •  Charge battery on or off scooter 
  •  Disassembles into 3 main easy to carry pieces 
  •  Large, non-slip floor deck 
  •  Electric battery gauge 
  •  Adjustable armrest 
  •  Large detachable basket with carry handle
  •  Electric horn 
  •  Reverse lever 
  •  Key start 
  •  Designer wheels 
  •  FDA Certified
  •  Assembled 100% In The USA
  •  Length 44” 
  •  Width 23”
  • ​Wheels 9"
  •  Height (ground to top of back seat) 31”-33’
  • ​ Under Deck Clearance 2”
  •  Ground to Top of Seat 20”-22” 
  •  Ground to Top of Deck 3.5” 
  •  Number of Seat Height Positions 3 
  •  Front basket 9”x12”x9”
  •  Weight of Unit (assembled) 121 lbs. 
  •  350 lbs. weight capacity 
  •  Drive Wheels Rear 
  • ​250 W Rear Hub
  •  Maximum Speed 5 mph 
  •  Type Batteries 2 12V 22AH
  •  Operating Range 16 Miles 
  •  Electronic Speed Control  
  •  ElectroMagnetic Brakes  
  •  Freewheel Mode Yes

Frequently Asked Questions
 Where is the scooter assembled?
This scooter is assembled and shipped from our large warehouse in Phoenix Arizona. We perform a safety quality inspection before shipping your scooter so its safe and ready to go. 
 Does IncredEbike offer live support?
Yes we do! Feel comfortable knowing we are always available for every question and concern via chat, email, facebook, and live support. Have A Question? Our support number is 866-987-0977 
 How does the payments work?
Our payment provider Affirm allows our customers to purchase instantly with $0 deposit! Click the 'I Want To Order Now' button and start the checkout process. On the third part of checkout (payment method) you will see 'Affirm monthly payments' option under the credit card box. Simply select the Affirm option and follow the instructions on the screen to be qualified instantly!
 Where can I take my scooter if it needs service?
We work with a nationwide team. If you have any issues, simply call out 24/7 support team and we will coordinate a service appointment in your area fast! In some cases we can even have the service team come to you!
 What is max weight on this scooter? What if I am little over it? 
The max weight is 350LBS, however if you are a few pounds over you will still be fine. 
 Why is my credit card declining when ordering?
Your bank might have flagged it for being a larger then normal purchase. Simply call your bank to remove the hold, and reprocess your order. Also simply use another card during checkout to avoid having to wait on hold with your bank.
 Will medicaid, medicare, or my insurance pay for this scooter?
No, unfortunately not. 
 How much does the scooter weigh?
 Total Weight: 121 lbs.
 Im real tall, will I be comfortable?
 We have customers as tall as 6'3 using this scooter and still very comfortable.
 Whats the max speed?
 Whats the range per charge?
16 miles.
 Can you hear the electric motor?
Your electric motor makes the slightest hum sound that is very low. 
 Does this scooter come with a reverse?
Yes it does, you can press the left reverse lever and reverse out of any situation!
 Are the tires puncture proof?
Yes! Never need to worry about getting a flat with rubber tires
 Any warranty included?
Yes, this scooter comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and 3 year basic warranty on frame and basic components & 6 months on the battery and charger
 Does this scooter come with the front basket?
Yes, the front basket is included.
 Is a battery and charger included?
Yes both included. 
 Are the controls complicated?
No, the controls are very simple to use and we have live support available for any questions. Need help now? Call 866-987-0977!
$88/m Select, Affirm Monthly Payments for 'Payment Method' part of checkout

Having Trouble With The Checkout Process?

If you are having issues during the Affirm verification process when applying for financing please contact Affirm's customer support number: (855) 423-3729

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